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Gỏi Cuốn
(2 salad rolls) Rice paper rolls with shrimp, pork, vermicelli noodles, mint leaves, bean sprouts, lettuce, chives and a side of peanut sauce. $9.25

Gỏi Cuốn Chay
(2 vegetarian salad rolls) Rice paper rolls with vegetables, shredded tofu and a side of peanut sauce. $9.25

Chả Giò
(4 crispy rolls) Crispy rolls with ground pork, shrimp, glass noodles, and a side of nước mắm. $12.00

Chả Giò Chay
(4 vegetarian crispy rolls) Crispy rolls with tofu, taro root, finely chopped vegetables, and a side of ginger soy sauce. $12.00

Cánh Gà Chiên
(caramelized chicken wings) Vietnamese style chicken wings caramelized in a garlic pepper marinade. $11.00


Our beef and chicken Phở comes with the choicest cuts of meats and the finest rice stick noodles in a bowl of our signature beef, chicken or vegetable broth. All are served with a side of bean sprouts, jalapenos, a wedge of lime and Asian Basil.

*1. Phở Bò Đặc Biệt
(beef “special”) Round steak, flank, fatty brisket, shredded tripe, and meatballs. sm $14.95 lg $15.00

*2. Tái Nạm                               sm $14.50 lg $15.50
(round steak and flank)

*3. Tái Nạm Gâu
(round steak, flank and fatty brisket)

*5. Tái Sách
(round steak and tripe)

*6. Tái
(round steak)

7. Bò Viên
(beef meatball)

8. Chín
(lean brisket)

*9. Tái Chín
(round steak and lean brisket) 

10. Phở Gà
(chicken noodle soup) Slices of chicken with green onions and rau ram 

11. Phở Chay
(vegetarian pho) Slices of fried and fresh tofu, white mushroom, carrot and Shanghai choy in vegetarian broth. $15.50


30. Bánh Xèo
(Vietnamese crispy crepe) Crispy rice flour crepe with a hint of turmeric, with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, mung beans, and onions. Served with a side of nước mắm. $17.00

31. Bò Lá Lốt
(betel leaf beef) Minced beef wrapped with betel leaves and grilled. Served with rice paper and a platter of vegetables. Served with a side of mắm nêm. $18.00

32. Chạo Tôm
(sugarcane shrimp & chicken) Minced shrimp and chicken wrapped around sugarcane pieces and grilled. Served with rice paper and a side of special peanut sauce. $18.00

33. Nem Nướng
(Vietnamese pork sausage) Grilled marinated Vietnamese pork sausage. Served with rice paper and a side of special peanut sauce. $18.50


Meats are grilled over open flame and served in a bowl with vermicelli noodles, mixed greens, cucumber, cilantro, mint, bean sprouts, peanuts and side of nước mắm(house fish sauce)

50. Bún Gà
(honey lemongrass chicken fillets) $15.95

51. Bún Thịt Chả Giò
(honey lemongrass pork & crispy rolls) Skewers of grilled pork and crispy spring rolls filled with minced pork and shrimp. $16.50

52. Bún Tôm Thịt
(honey lemongrass pork & shrimp) Skewers of pork and shrimp. $15.95

54. Bún Bò lá Lốt
(betel leaf beef) Minced beef wrapped with betel leaves and grilled. $17.50

55. Bún Cá Hà Nội
(grilled Catfish) Catfish marinated in tumeric, skewered and grilled with dill. Served with a special pineapple sauce. $17.50

56. Bún Chả Giò Chay
(vegetarian tofu crispy rolls) Crispy vegetarian spring rolls filled with tofu and taro. Served with a ginger soy sauce. $16.75

57. Bún Nem Nướng
(Saigon meatballs) Grilled Saigon pork meatballs, fried pork & shrimp wontons and peanuts. $16.50


Gỏi Bò
(beef salad) Pan seared lemongrass beef, carrots, Chinese celery, and daikon. Topped with crushed roasted peanuts, fried shallots and ngò gai. Served with sesame crackers. $1100

Gỏi Đu Đủ
(green papaya salad) Finely julienned green papaya, carrots, and mint. Topped with shrimp and served with shrimp crackers and peanuts. $11.00

Gỏi Gà
(Chicken Salad) Hand pulled chicken with shredded cabbage, fried onion, rau ram, peanuts and ginger garlic sauce. $10.00


20. Bún Đồ Biển
(seafood lemongrass) Vermicelli rice noodles in a medium spicy lemongrass soup with shrimp, calamari, fish, and mussels. $16.50

21. Bún Măng Vịt
(duck and bamboo shoots) Vermicelli rice noodles and bamboo shoots in a duck broth. Served with a side salad of shredded cabbage, fried onions, mint leaves, peanuts, duck meat, and ginger garlic sauce. $18.50

22. Bún Bò Huế
(Hue style beef noodle soup) Round shanghai rice noodles, beef shank, slices of chả lụa, and pork picnic in a spicy lemongrass beef broth. $16.50

23. Mì Quảng
(turmeric noodles) Rice noodles soaked in turmeric in served a spicy broth with shrimp, minced pork, fishcake, and diced jicama. Topped with peanuts and sesame rice crackers. $16.50


24. Mì Hòanh Thánh
(wonton noodles soup) Shrimp & pork wontons, 5 spice pork, and minced pork in a savory pork broth with egg noodles. Topped with fried shallots and chives. $16.50

25. Mì Chay
(Vegetable egg noodles) Fried and fresh tofu, white mushroom, carrot, Shanghai choy in vegetarian sesame broth. Topped with fried and fresh cut scallion. Served with pickled jalapeno and wedge of lime. $15.50


Meats are grilled over an open flame with sauteed green onions. Served with ginger spiced cabbage, carrots, daikon, jasmine rice, and side of nước mắm (house fish sauce). Curry comes with only jasmine rice.

40. Cơm Đặc Biệt
(special rice combo) Pork chop, grilled honey lemongrass pork & shrimp, dried shredded pork, and egg & pork patty. $18.25

41. Cơm Sườn Bì Chả

(pork chop rice) Pork chop, dried shredded pork, and egg & pork patty. $16.25

42. Cơm Tôm Thịt
(honey lemongrass pork & shrimp) $15.75

43. Cơm Gà
(honey lemongrass chicken) $15.75

44. Cơm Cà Ri Gà
(Vietnamese chicken curry) Chicken tenders, yams and onions in a medium spicy yellow curry sauce. $16.95

45. Cơm Cà Ri Chay
(vegetarian curry) Tofu, yams, green beans, and fresh white mushrooms in a medium spiced yellow curry sauce. $16.95

46. Gà Xaò Gừng
(ginger chicken) Chicken sautéed in mild spicy chili garlic sauce, with string beans, and topped with fresh ginger. $16.50

47. Dâu Hủ Xaò
(Basil Tofu) Tofu, green beans, mushrooms sautéed in a garlic sauce with sweet basil. $18.00

Cá Nuong • Roasted Catfish

Roasted catfish is a classic Vietnamese dish. With its crispy skin yet succulent and juicy flesh, roasted catfish is often referred to as the "Peking duck of Vietnam". Here at Phở Văn , we have perfected the method of making roasted catfish just like the ones you would find in Saigon.

As tradition dictates, our catfish is served with mắm nêm, rice paper, and a platter of tropical vegetables that includes lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, apples and other seasonal tropical vegetables.

Small - $58

Medium - $63

Large - $68

XLarge - $73

XX Large - $78


Ginger Crème Brulée
Creamy and sweet with a hint of ginger. $8.75

Banana Bread Pudding
Homemade banana bread served warm on coconut tapioca pearl sauce, and sprinkled with crushed roasted peanuts. $9.25

Che Văn
Special bean dessert with shaved ice, coconut milk cream, tapioca jello and water chestnuts $7.25

* The consumption of raw or undercooked meat, may increase your risk of food borne illness.